Ninja Challenge Platform::

Always Usable

Our challenges do not rely on specific vendor products unless we find interesting patterns of insecure design and implementation practices.

The challenges are carefully selected and designed where techniques applied never die. You don't have to worry about the return-on-investment for the time and sweats you spent cracking the challenges.

Latest Research

Extraordinary techniques are regularly shared at conferences, blogs, twitters, ebooks and the like. Despites our learning, we do not have the platform to practise for internalizing those techniques insides us.

We are kind of like reading new swimming techniques but seldom practically swim ourselves.


The challenges are crafted based on accumulated real-world assessment experiences and exciting findings from bounty platforms. No brain-burning CTF any more.

With this platform, you will get your hands extremely dirty, get your progress tracked and upskill yourself for your bounty hunting, internal or external consulting engagements.