Solution thought process booklets


There are plenty of free sources available on the Web and referened in Credit section. It is absolutely not necessary to buy the booklets. In case you feel irritating or have tried your hardest best and get stuck, it's for you.

It should be purchased and consulted only after you have spent a considerable amount of time in the challenge. This booklet is not for those who want just a direct copy-paste one-liner solution snippet in cracking the challenge, which does not yield any benefit in internalizing skills and mindsets gained from the challenge. These booklets may frustrate you because wherever possible, I provide only 90% hint to the challenge where you still have to complete the rest 10% with a little bit brain sparkling thought.

These booklets will be live and may be updated in a timely manner with more details, more added challenges on the same nature in line with the site update, amended for errata, based on readers’ feedbacks or whenever deemed necessary.

Last but not least, if you know the trick, you can read them for free. I leave that challenge for you.

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